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There will eventually be many writings/blog posts, but there are few now. There will eventually be songs to listen too, but there are none yet. And there will eventually be songs to download... (The Suburban Sunrise release "Ready To Burn: The 2004 - 2005 Demos" is now available in full with all the artwork on the audio page... and it's FREE!). Soon this site will be full of content though. So be patient, and keep me in mind. The music is still being created everyday. The new rhythm section of Suburban Sunrise is coming together nicely, and shows will be happening soon. Although, this site will serve a greater purpose than that. This site will provide many wonderful music related things, for free. There WILL be knowledge to be shared, there WILL be songs to listen to before their release, there WILL be some songs (and some full albums) to download FOR FREE and there WILL be much more on top of those things.

Growth takes time, and is often painful, but I'm here to embrace that. I'm here to grow, and learn, and produce the best music I possibly can, while documenting it all in an insightful manner to help you grow too. The world is beautiful, and by utilizing my talents and abilities in music I aim to grow and help others grow to the point where we never, even for a second lose sight of just how beautiful it is.

So check back soon. The free downloads will be available before most of this site is constructed. I'll likely place them right in the audio section along with streaming audio of other songs, some of which will be pre release. So Let The Music Grow. Enjoy the Music, and PEACE!

So what artists are featured on

The artists page will soon have a list of several featured artists of the SubSun Family; each with their own individual page.

So what info and knowledge can you find on this site?

In the blog section you'll find many posts covering a range of topics.

So what's SubSun Records all about?

SubSun Records is an independant record company run by Michael Cavano of Suburban Sunrise, with the intent to produce the best music he can while helping people grow their musical tastes and talent, if not their lives. You can learn more about SubSun Records on the About page.

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In addition to info, newsletter subscribers will also receive access to free content (including downloads) not otherwise available. So if you like all the freebies offered on this site, would like to know when more is available, and want extra freebies you can't normally get, sign up below. And if you ever decide you don't want splendid Info and Insights anymore, just reply to any e-mail with "unsubscribe" written in the subject line.

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